My Audio Philosophy

Although I am a retailer of premium audio equipment, my overall philosophy and role is more as an Audio Consultant where I believe in taking a holistic approach to your entire system. This approach revolves around the synergy of all the components in your system and includes everything from your room and electrical power system as well as your audio components and cable systems.

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I also believe in being totally honest with my clients. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I don’t just make something up. I’ll investigate and get back to you with the correct answer. There is a 2-way benefit to taking this approach; you will get an accurate answer to your question and I will learn something which increases my knowledge base and may alter my paradigm.

I like to gain an understanding of your current system, your room, what you like and dislike about your current sound and your audio journey so far.

Various aspects of your listening preferences are very important to me i.e.:

  • What genres of music you prefer and how loud you like to play music?
  • What aspects of the music are most important to you (eg. level of detail, soundstage, instrument tonality, rhythm & pace and the impact, dynamics & tactility of the music)?
  • Where you sit in relation to your speakers?

These discussions are helpful in giving me a complete understanding of your preferences.

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Sometimes, you may want to focus on a single new component, or you may be happy to discuss the potential future of your whole system (your future plan). Either way, I am here to share my experience and guide you to a great result.

My philosophy involves a few key principles, including:

  • The synergy of how components work together.
  • The role of the room and the listening position.
  • The relationship between room size & layout and the choice of suitable speakers for the listening space.
  • The correct matching of amplification & speakers.
  • Power delivery to the system.
  • Having the peace of mind of a long-term plan for your system, based on a sonic presentation that you know you enjoy.

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