I have known Jeff for quite a few years now and have worked closely with him as we upgraded my audio system. He greatly helped me in many ways with this, but what was most important for me was that he could articulate different possibilities and so I was able clarify my ideas of what I wanted. Over a period of several years, we gradually achieved my system and now it continues surprise me. Its musicality, realism and magical qualities which brings me closer to a feeling of the music that I wish to hear time and time again.

His knowledge on all things related to audio is impressive and he is always available and willing to speak about audio in general or answer specific questions. Jeff is trustworthy and he is able to relate his knowledge to my specific needs. He is well worth talking to.


I warmly recommend Jeff Knox as an expert guide to the world of high-quality audio. He combines a genuine passion for high fidelity music reproduction with a deep knowledge of the high-end audio components available and what they can deliver. Jeff’s knowledge and experience can help you shorten your journey to a satisfying high end audio system.  I have trusted his judgement in many purchases and have not been disappointed. Highly recommended.


I have been dealing with Knox Audio for the last few years and have made two major component purchases from them so far. I plan on buying more of my future equipment upgrades from Knox Audio, based on my experience to date. Jeff Knox is one of the very few in the industry who is not just a businessman, but is a truly passionate audiophile himself, as well as a source of a number of excellent brands at fair prices.

His knowledge and understanding of the goals of an audio system, backed by his strong technical background in electrical design, and a deep understanding of modern equipment brands and their capabilities, makes Knox Audio one of the best places in Australia to buy high end audio equipment. The most telling feedback is that Jeff will even recommend away from a potential purchase of equipment if he feels it is wrong for your needs, despite it potentially costing him a sale.

If you are a serious about needing honest and knowledgeable advice and great equipment and support, then I highly recommend you contact Jeff Knox at Knox Audio and see for yourself.


I have known Jeff Knox of “Knox Audio” for more than 25 years. Jeff continues to amaze me with his knowledge and enthusiasm for everyone to enjoy music. Jeff has helped me over the years to upgrade my system from Lo-Fi to an extremely enjoyable High-End system. I have the utmost confidence in Jeff, and I can highly recommend him to anyone wanting to obtain any system.

Malcolm Ellis

Working in the entertainment business for 43 years I dealt with numerous audio guys. In the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of liaising with Jeff of Knox Audio. Never before have I come across anyone with so much knowledge of the audio business. I only wish I had found him earlier.

Greg Ellis

After 40 years of working in studios as a professional musician, it was time to upgrade the home stereo system. Following home renovations, I visited a number of well-known Hi-Fi retailers in the Sydney area, and while these people sold quality items, I was constantly being pushed towards floor stock that did not possess the sound I was looking for, “dynamic punch”. After further research I discovered Knox Audio in the southern suburbs of Sydney, where I spoke directly to the owner Jeff KNOX, who fully understood what I was after. I attended his showroom and auditioned a number of CD Player, Amp and Speaker configurations with my own hard rock CD collection.

Price was not the issue, my ears were! After a short time, I was totally sold on a high-end audio system and I have not looked back. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Jeff. His range of products and superior audio knowledge made the purchase that much more enjoyable. He fully understood that my purchase was to be placed in a lounge room area not a purpose-built listening room. The sound of the new system I purchased is explosive but controllable. I would totally recommend Knox Audio for anyone interested in quality, knowledge and old-fashioned customer service in High End Audio.

Steve Austen